Your relaxation and recreation area doesn't need to be limited to a swimming pool.  What could be more relaxing after a hard day's work than to relax in your hot jacuzzi with jets that massage your stress away while listening to the sound of a waterfall that pours from your newly built gazebo? There will be times when you want to celebrate or have a good time with friends and family.  For those moments, Caribbean Pool & Spa can incorporate a swim-up bar with round stools or even just benches around your pool where you can have a conversation while your swimming pool cools you down from Puerto Rico's smoldering heat. The construction of your pool may also incorporate attractive planters or rocks to bring some color and life and integrate nature into your new escape from the daily hustle and bustle. Also, to make this new place in your home one that is truly your own and to have the atmosphere you want, Caribbean Pool & Spa can prepare the surrounding walking areas with tiles, bricks, or natural stones such as limestone or travertine (see Edging, Options and Materials).  Lighting is also important to have the atmosphere translate into the night. Lights can be white or multiple colors with automatic transition.  Another way that you can add style to your swimming pool is to build an infinity pool or have a gradual or beach entrance.  Both styles are very popular in hotels around the country.  We can create the space you want, call us today.
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