Caribbean Pool and Spa is dedicated to the construction of residential swimming pools made in concrete and the final design depends on the following factors: available space, budget and most importantly, what you want. Taking these factors into account, browse our website for inspiration and read on to get an overview of the construction process. Once we have visited your home, observed the area and understand what you want, we prepare a free-of-charge estimate and indicate the date that construction would begin if you select us as your contractor. The construction process begins with the excavation, which is then covered with about six inches of concrete. Then, the pool is plastered with the aggregate of your choosing while applying the tiles and mosaics you select (see Interior Finish and Tiles and Mosaics in Options and Materials).  After cleaning the surface, we proceed to fill the pool and then apply the chlorine or salt that will keep the water clean and clear. Don't stop dreaming with just the construction of your pool, Caribbean Pool and Spa can do much more to create that atmosphere you dream of, be it relaxation (jacuzzis and waterfalls), recreation (swim-up bar and gazebo) or a very personalized space with only the elements you want.
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